Fabrication, an in-house advantage

Stoneleigh is a firm believer in maintaining high standards and has, from the early days recognised the on going issue of inconsistencies in quality, materials and reliability of purchasing fabrications and flashings from external sources.

To exert closer control, major investment was made in state of the art presses and guillotines and the majority of flashing work and gutter manufacture is now undertaken in house.

This policy has paid dividends by allowing close co-operation between manufacture of ancillaries and their arrival on site as well as complete control over material purchased for consistency, quality and warranty purposes.  Components manufactured in house include:


Manufactured in house using aluminium or steel.

Gutter systems

Membrane lined, steel or aluminium, either single skin or insulated from thermal efficiency.


Soffit systems, panels and rain screens all fabricated from within Stoneleigh

Control panel - cnc press

Insulated membrane lined gutter

Membrane covered vent