Single Ply Membrane

Single ply membrane - long life expectancy

Stoneleigh has used single ply membrane as a roofing material due to a number of major advantages when compared to the more traditional felt or profiled cladding.

It is easy to fit, extremely durable  with a long life expectancy far in excess of traditional industrial roofing materials and offers a watertight fit. Single ply is suitable for flat pitched and even curved barrel roofs, it is supplied in rolls and joined through heat welding the joints effectively creating one large piece of flexible watertight membrane with no leaking joints to re visit.  It is available pre bonded to galvanised steel sheets for gutter manufacture, on rolls for roofs or pre bonded to a composite panel.

Membrane can also be used to line gutters or act as the base for a green roof, affording the same properties to the gutter run as a roof, i.e. watertight joints that do not need maintenance, unlike traditional mastic and bolted compression joints.

The final major advantage is the life expectancy in excess of 25 years for each installation, the product does not crack, shrink nor perish.  Correctly fitted and installed eliminated the need for expensive ongoing remedial maintenance other than simple cleaning down the weather surface.

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